FBI Counterproliferation Center Careers

In 2011, the FBI consolidated select personnel from its Counterintelligence Division, Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, and the Directorate of Intelligence into the FBI Counterproliferation Center.  The Center is now the FBI’s primary point of contact with the National Counterproliferation Center as well as equivalent programs in other intelligence agencies including the CIA, DIA, and NSA.  The FBI Counterproliferation Center also provides operational support for its field teams while engaged in domestic and international counterproliferation operations.

The threat to U.S. national security grows and evolves constantly.  Groups like Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda are intent upon acquiring chemical, biological and nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction so they can use them on America, its citizens or its allies.  The FBI recognizes the absolute necessity of preventing groups hostile to the U.S., including foreign governments, from obtaining these weapons, technology or production equipment.

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FBI Counterproliferation Center Job Description

FBI Counterproliferation Center jobs involve utilizing intelligence and law enforcement resources to detect and neutralize activities that could deliver prohibited materials to criminals, terrorists or foreign governments.  In order to accomplish this herculean task, FBI personnel monitor the activities of key WMD experts, research organizations, and government agencies.  They conduct searches and develop protocols that ensure the security of key WMD resources.

As the nation’s most respected law enforcement agency, the FBI has cultivated enduring relationships with police and intelligence organizations around the world.  The Bureau uses its prestige and authority to monitor the status of chemical, biological and nuclear stockpiles.  If requested, the FBI Counterproliferation Center can deploy teams to secure and transport these WMD materials to U.S. or other designated locations.

The FBI Counterproliferation Center is also constantly monitoring the operational performance of itself and analogous federal programs to ensure that federal resources are strategically allocated and producing results consistent with expectations.  As the methods of hostile groups change, the FBI Counterproliferation Center adapts its own counterproliferation strategies and those of partner agencies.

FBI Counterproliferation Center jobs involve performing the following duties:

  • Monitor the stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear WMDs in the United States and  abroad
  • Investigate all attempts to breach security surrounding U.S. weapons or technology
  • Monitor the behavior of key personnel with WMD knowledge
  • Exchange information about foreign proliferation operations with other intelligence agencies
  • Detect and neutralize any espionage related to WMDs
  • Dismantle terrorist or criminal networks intent upon acquiring WMDs, or weapons knowledge
  • Analyze the financial networks of terrorist organizations to determine if weapons or knowledge have been purchased
  • Coordinate intelligence and law enforcement resources with police organizations around the world

FBI Counterproliferation Center Salary

The FBI Counterproliferation Center is staffed by Special Agents and leading experts in the field of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  While Special Agents may have pay grades that range from Gs-10 up to GS-15, support personnel may enter the Bureau at the GS-7 level or higher.  In 2012, the salary ranges associated with these pay grades were:

General Schedule Grade
Pay Range
General Schedule 7
General Schedule 10
General Schedule 15

All salaries for FBI personnel are subject to cost of living increases, as well as overtime and hazard pay.

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