Careers in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section

The FBI is tasked with ensuring the security of governmental secrets, proprietary technologies and American intellectual property.  The United States fosters intellectual innovation and creativity throughout its industries.  Many of these advancements have been utilized to bolster the country’s position as a military and economic superpower. In order to maintain this position, the job of the Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section has been preventing terrorist organizations and government’s hostile to the United States from acquiring technology and equipment which could be used to damage U.S. national security or interests.

The FBI Partners with Private Industry in Counterintelligence Efforts

While the FBI possesses significant resources to combat domestic and international attempts to proliferate sensitive technology, it also seeks to establish partnerships with key industries and academic institutions in order to anticipate emerging areas of technological advancement that require attention from the FBI.  These partnerships also help the Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section to identify individuals who are thought leaders and can provide valuable insights into emerging areas of innovation.

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While it is obvious why the government is concerned with preventing foreign governments and hostile organizations from obtaining sensitive government information and weapons technology, it may not be as apparent why the FBI has devoted significant resources to safeguarding the creative products and technological innovations of private enterprise.

The Domain Section is dedicated to ensuring America’s leadership position in the increasingly global commerce markets.  The financial power that America wields is based on these technological as well as cultural innovations, and by ensuring that these innovators receive the rewards and recognition they deserve, the FBI helps these industries thrive.

Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section Job Description

Jobs in the Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section involve fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor the state of research and development in key industries like weapons, information systems, and biomedical science
  • Establish and cultivate relationships with major universities in order to anticipate new technologies and identify emerging pioneers
  • Assist critical companies and industries develop robust security systems to safeguard proprietary information
  • Investigate corporate espionage that may have occurred via cyber-attack or on-site
  • Liaise with international partners to ensure that a concerted multilateral effort to stop intellectual property theft is implemented

Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section Salary

The Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section is comprised of Special Agents and white collar support professionals.  While the Special Agents may receive salaries commensurate with pay grades ranging from GS-10 to GS-15, the professional staff may enter at a GS-7 or GS-9 pay grade.  It is therefore incumbent upon entering staff to possess the highest academic credentials—which would include master’s, J.D. and PhD degrees—military or law enforcement experience. For 2012, the salary ranges associated with these pay levels were

General Schedule Grade
Pay Range
General Schedule 7
General Schedule 9
General Schedule 10
General Schedule 15

All FBI personnel are provided a cost of living adjustment.  Some of the careers within the Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section may also be eligible for Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime pay, which is an additional 10 to 25 percent salary bonus.

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