Careers for FBI Special Agents in the Cyber Division

Due to the multi-jurisdictional nature and high level of sophistication of most computer-related crimes, the FBI’s Cyber Division is the lead agency for investigating these incidents.  Whether the malicious code originates from a foreign government or company, or was created by a domestic hacker, threats to the digital infrastructure that underpins commerce and other facets of daily life in America represents a danger to national security and public safety.

The nation’s most qualified and talented information systems experts are selected for Special Agent jobs in the FBI’s Cyber Division. Supported by a variety of professional staff, these Special Agents safeguard many of the nation’s most important systems like air traffic control, telecommunications networks, financial systems and the safety systems of the nation’s nuclear power plants.

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Cyber Security: A New Frontier in National Security

Since the FBI refocused its mission from crime prevention and investigation to national security, it has made the nation’s cyber security its primary national security issue. The FBI recognizes that cyber intrusions into vital systems can cause damage that may lead to significant loss of life. The clearest case of such intrusions was evidenced by the computer viruses that penetrated the Iranian nuclear weapons factory and set back that country’s nuclear program several years.

As the threats to America’s digital infrastructure grow and advance due to technological innovation, the Cyber division is required to predict and counter the potential methods of attack. In addition to recruiting the most talented computer scientists in order to deconstruct the malicious code involved in cyber-attacks and develop counter-intrusion measures, the Cyber Division also uses its considerable resources to pursue the designers of malicious code through traditional law enforcement techniques. Special Agents within the Cyber Division may be assigned to Cyber Action Teams, which are able to fly to any location around the globe in order to investigate or apprehend perpetrators.

Special Agent-Cyber Division Job Description

Special Agent jobs within the Cyber Division will involve the following functions:

  • Investigate a data theft, corruption or attempted attack using digital forensics
  • Interview suspects and personnel relevant to a cyber-attack
  • Maintain constant awareness of emerging and developing methods of cyber intrusions
  • Develop partnerships with leading computer experts and organizations to help create security systems and analyze malicious code
  • Identify and recruit the most qualified and talented counter-intrusion experts
  • Maintain the security systems of the FBI and related agencies

Special Agent-Cyber Division Salary and Job Benefits

Like all Special Agents, those assigned to the Cyber Division enter at the GS-10 pay grade with the potential to progress up to the GS-14 or GS-15 level if they obtain a supervisor or executive career.  In 2012, the salaries associated with these pay grades were

General Schedule Grade
Pay Range
General Schedule 10
General Schedule 14
General Schedule 15

These salaries are usually adjusted between 12.5 and 28.7 percent to reflect the cost of living in a certain location. Special Agents-Cyber Division also receive a 25 percent bonus for availability pay, which is intended to compensate for the 50 hour work weeks and constant availability.