Examples of the FBI’s Jurisdiction

The Federal Bureau of investigation is probably the country’s most popular and most prominent federal police force. The FBI can be found on crime scenes across the country assisting local police departments in various capacities and in response to a wide variety of crimes. But given that individual states enjoy relative autonomy from the federal government, it is easy to become confused as to which crimes fall under the FBI’s jurisdiction. Here we will take a look at some of the FBI’s most important jurisdictions.

Terrorism – The Federal Bureau of investigation is responsible for identifying, investigating, disrupting, and arresting those who intend to commit acts of terrorism, whether international or domestic. The FBI is also responsible for tracking down terrorists and bringing them to justice.

Organized Crime – The FBI’s organized crime jurisdiction covers many kinds of well-structured, persistent, criminal enterprises. Some of the most readily identifiable criminal enterprises the FBI targets include the Italian mafia, illegal gambling, and sports bribery.

Civil Rights – The FBI is responsible for helping to protect the civil rights of those in the United States. As such, it actively pursues those who commit hate crimes, human trafficking, and other civil rights violations.

Public Corruption – The FBI is also responsible for protecting the nation against public corruption that occurs in situations of governmental and election fraud, governmental bribery, and other instances in which government officials use their power for personal gain.

White-Collar Crime – The FBI is one of the nation’s primary investigative bodies fighting against white-collar crimes such as securities fraud, antitrust, mortgage fraud, money laundering, and intellectual property theft.

Violent Crimes and Major Thefts – The FBI is responsible for taking on those who commit violent crimes, such as gang members and online predators. The bureau also targets those who commit major thefts, such as property theft rings, and bank robbers.

Cyber Crime – The FBI targets cyber criminals including those who write and disseminate malicious computer code, conduct online cyber-attacks, and use internet based technology to commit theft.

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