Report: CIA and FBI Active in the Ukraine

The situation in the Ukraine has caught the world’s attention.  What originally began as protests against the country’s government quickly spiraled out of control, into violent clashes and the eventual exile of the country’s duly elected president.  As a result of the chaos, Russia stepped in and effectively annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea.  The situation has led to a sharp deterioration in relations between Russia and the West.  Russia has consistently accused the West of interfering in the region, and now a new report lends credence to the theory.

A German newspaper recently reported that agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Central Intelligence Agency are in the Ukraine and are advising the current Ukrainian government on how to best handle the delicate situation.

Though U.S. agents are not thought to be participating directly in the fighting, they are reported to be in Kiev, the Ukrainian Capital, advising the country’s leaders on how to move forward against separatists in its Eastern region.  Additionally, the FBI is reportedly helping the Ukrainian government fight against organized crime and trace the assets of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych – who is currently thought to be in Russia.

During much of the unrest and subsequent violent clashes, the Russian government has the accused Western powers of stoking the flames and using assets in the region to direct the protests.  The United States has adamantly denied being involved in training Ukrainian forces or doing anything to promote the violent situation in the country.

But, those who are opposed to the current leadership in the Ukraine are using this report, as well as other reports relating to the CIA and FBI being active in the country, as support for their contention that much of the unrest in the Ukraine is due to American intervention. is an independent education resource that is in no way affiliated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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