FBI Careers and Training in Wisconsin

Any person who is interested in fighting crime both domestically and internationally should think about becoming a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI will make use of one’s skills in analysis and problem solving, and values individuals who demonstrate loyalty to their country and a true dedication to public service.

The FBI’s Wisconsin field office is located in Milwaukee. FBI jobs in Wisconsin may be located in Milwaukee or in one of its four satellite offices across the state. In addition to special agent positions, FBI jobs in Wisconsin may be available for cyber security experts, translators, scientists, accountants and engineers.

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How to Become an FBI Special Agent in Wisconsin: Training and Degree Requirements

If one wishes to become an FBI special agent in Wisconsin, one should be forewarned that it may be a long, demanding process lasting form six months to one year.  After meeting the FBI’s qualifications, the hiring process is as follows:

  • Complete an online application at www.fbijobs.gov.
  • Proof of possession of critical skills, including education or experience, for priority hiring (including the following):
    • Tactical operations
    • Accounting
    • Diversified experience
    • Physical sciences
    • Finance
    • Military experience
    • Law enforcement experience
    • Law experience
    • Intelligence experience
    • Foreign language fluency
    • Engineering
    • Computer science/information technology education or experience
    • Complete Phase I Written Testing in expertise area
    • Complete Phase II Testing (written and an in-person interview)
    • Receive a Conditional Letter of Appointment
    • Pass the Special Agent Physical Fitness Test
    • Pass an FBI background investigation
    • Pass the Medical Examination
    • Complete 20 weeks of training at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia

Even if an individual expresses interest in a particular FBI location (for example, Wisconsin), he or she may not be placed there. The FBI has full discretion in choosing placement for new hires within the locations in which FBI agents are most needed.

FBI Field Offices and Jobs in Wisconsin

  • Division Headquarters:
    • Milwaukee. Wisconsin’s FBI field office in Milwaukee has been in place since the early 1900s. FBI jobs in this Wisconsin field office entail covering eight counties. In 2012, agents from the Milwaukee field office investigated a former Milwaukee County sheriff and ultimately led to his conviction and sentencing to 40 years in prison for child pornography.
  • Satellite Offices:
    • Madison. FBI jobs in Wisconsin based in this satellite office, which is actually physically located in Middleton, are responsible for crimes occurring in 12 Wisconsin counties. A case in July 2012 from the Madison office involved the arrest of serial bank robbers responsible for six bank robberies in the state.
    • La Crosse. This satellite office covers 10 counties in the state. Notable cases from the La Cross FBI office include the case of a man in December 2010 who plead guilty and was sentenced to 21 months in prison for bank fraud.
    • Green Bay. The Green Bay FBI resident agency is responsible for crimes occurring in 19 Wisconsin counties. In addition to Special Agents, FBI jobs at the Green Bay office include Victim Specialists. One notable case from the Green Bay office occurred in June 2010 and involved federal violations of insurance embezzlement, bank fraud, and mail fraud.
    • Eau Clair. The Eau Claire office covers 23 counties in Wisconsin. A notable case in 2009 involved the FBI’s investigation of drug dealing on St. Croix tribal lands. Six were arrested for distribution of cocaine on Native American tribal land in Wisconsin.

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