FBI Careers and Training in El Paso, Texas

Many FBI investigations in Texas and surrounding states are handled by the FBI El Paso Division, which has a main field office in the El Paso Federal Justice Center on South Mesa Hills Drive, as well as a Satellite (Resident Agency) office in Midland, on North Big Spring Street. The FBI El Paso Division oversees 17 counties in and around El Paso and Midland.

The FBI El Paso Division, like so many of the other FBI Divisions, made major changes to its operations and priorities following the terror attacks of 9/11. In particular, the FBI Specialists of the El Paso Division strengthened their existing Joint Terrorism Task Force, which was originally established in 1999, added another Task Force to its Midland Resident Agency, and established a Field Intelligence Group to better monitor developing terror threats.

Law Enforcement Alliances Formed with the El Paso FBI Field Office

The FBI EL Paso Division and the FBI Specialists who are dedicated to the counterterrorism mission of the FBI lend their expertise and skills to a number of other areas of importance, as well, including violent gangs and political corruption.

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Just some of the strategic partnerships between the FBI El Paso Division and a number of local, state and federal alliances, task forces, and organizations include:

  • El Paso Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • FBI Counterintelligence Strategic Partnerships Program
  • West Texas HIDTA Investigative Support Center
  • Health Care Fraud Ad Hoc Task Force
  • El Paso Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Cyber Crime Task Force
  • El Paso InfraGard Chapter
  • El Paso Violent Crimes Task Force
  • Safe Streets Gang Task Force
  • Major Theft Task Force
  • Permian Basin Oilfield Theft Task Force (Midland)
  • West Texas Major Offender Task Force (Midland)

Career Paths for FBI Agents in the El Paso Division

The FBI experts of the El Paso FBI Division are called upon to protect against national security threats and major crime problems. Although FBI Special Agents are most often thought of when FBI jobs in El Paso come to mind, there is actually a wide array of FBI Specialists who are tasked with doing everything from making arrests to conducting surveillance:

  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investigative Specialists
  • Support Services Technicians
  • Language Specialists
  • Paralegals
  • Electronics Technicians
  • Security Experts

FBI Specialists in the FBI El Paso Division often share their knowledge and expertise by working together in collaborative groups, including and Evidence Response Team, a Computer Analysis and Response Team, HAZMAT experts, language specialists, and an 18-member SWAT Team, which was instrumental in a number of national events over the years.

How to Become an FBI Agent in El Paso: FBI Requirements in El Paso

Individuals who want to learn how to become an FBI Agent in the El Paso Division may find a wealth of useful information on the FBI’s website. Individuals with questions regarding FBI requirements in El Paso and Midland FBI jobs in El Paso and Midland may also contact the FBI El Paso Division or the Midland Resident Agency.

It should also be noted that all individuals who want to become an FBI Agent in El Paso must undergo an FBI Background Check, a drug urinalysis, a physical fitness evaluation, and a medical examination. Individuals with felony convictions or male candidates who failed to register with Selective Services are not eligible for employment with the FBI.

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