FBI Careers and Training in Texas

The nation’s second largest state gives the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) a lot of territory to police. The four field offices (Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Houston) and 25 satellite offices in Texas provide a lot of jobs. The dedicated FBI professionals protect Texas from dangerous security threats and criminal actions. Domestic priorities include protecting civil rights and combating or stopping:

  • public corruption
  • organized crime
  • white-collar crime
  • pedophilia/child pornography
  • kidnappings, bank robberies, serial murders and assassinations

How to Become an FBI Special Agent in Texas

Candidates that are 23-36 years of age, a U.S. citizen, have at least a bachelor’s degree, two-plus years of professional experience, and a desire to protect the U.S. through public service, may join the loyal ranks of the Bureau and fill open FBI jobs in Texas. Interested individuals can apply for either a Special Agent or Support position.

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Special agents are the front line of investigations and must be willing to be sent anywhere. Support positions include:

  • Computer Specialists
  • Crime Scene Specialists
  • Fingerprint Specialists
  • Intelligence Research Specialists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Linguists
  • Accountants

Applicants must pass a rigorous background investigation, polygraph and drug test. Interested Texans can apply at any field office or online at the FBI jobs website. A recent Texas job fair emphasized the need for linguists proficient in languages like Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Farsi, Pashto, Somali, etc.

FBI Field Office Duties and Jobs in Texas

The Texas field offices employ both special agents and a variety of specialized professionals. Teams focus on specific capabilities, including:

  • Evidence recovery/processing
  • Computer analysis
  • Tactical support/crisis response
  • Bomb recovery/analysis
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Translations

Dallas. Together with 12 satellite offices, Dallas covers 137 counties, 125,000 square miles and nine million people! It is home to one of the FBI’s national Regional Computer Forensics Laboratories, full-service forensics labs and training centers for examining digital evidence seized from crime scenes.

Houston. The Houston field office covers 40 counties and includes six satellite offices. Their hazardous materials response team includes a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program that hosts regional trainings for first responders. A recent simulated attack allowed police, fire, military and public health first responders to practice a coordinated response to a terrorist event.

San Antonio. Along with six satellite offices, the San Antonio office covers 59 counties and 500 miles of border shared with Mexico. It is the only Texas field office with a Victim Assistance team that provides support to victims who have suffered harm as the result of a federal crime.

El Paso. Covers 17 counties with 12 satellite offices. The El Paso FBI takes special pride in their highly-trained 18-member SWAT team that includes assaulters, snipers, explosives breachers, certified rappelmasters for rope operations, and air officers who conduct helicopter operations. A 10-member Tactical Operations Center provides command and control support. The team has been involved in such national crisis situations as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; the 1999 hunt for fugitive Eric Rudolph; the 2002 Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City; the 2004 Super Bowl in Houston and the 2008 national Democratic Convention in Denver.

Recent Successes


  • Stopping a $40 million securities ponzi scheme in Dallas
  • Ending the laundering of $200,000 drug money in San Antonio
  • Convicting a Barrio Azteca border gang member on racketeering charges
  • Adding a Renoir painting stolen in Houston to the FBI Top Ten Art Crimes list

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