FBI Careers and Training in Kansa City, Missouri

Ever since the September 11th attacks the federal government has focused its resources on preventing another similar attack. FBI jobs in Kansas City, Missouri support counterterrorism, as this is currently the number one goal of the FBI throughout the country. Kansas City is the base for the FBI’s regional headquarters, whose coverage extends to include the entire state of Kansas, as well as the western portion of Missouri.

FBI jobs in Kansas City can be thought of as falling into two categories: professional staff and special agents. These professionals require specialized training and work together on collaborations with other local, state, and federal agencies. In the Kansas City Division, these joint-operations include:

  • Kansas City Joint Terrorism Task Force: This team, comprised of 47 representatives from 33 different government agencies, chase every lead on terrorism. They work out possible contingency plans and make reports to various governmental agencies.
  • Kansas City Cyber Crime Task Force: This agency combines law enforcement agencies across the region to investigate hacking, internet scams, theft of intellectual property, and internet crimes against children.
  • Kansas City Metropolitan Gang Task Force: This force is a collaboration of federal officers with state and municipal police agencies to combat the most violent street gangs.
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How to Become an FBI Agent in Kansas City

The career FBI requirements in Kansas City include passing a thorough background check, undergoing a medical exam, and gaining an FBI security clearance. Prospective professional staff have a choice between several career fields:

  • Intelligence Analysis: Intelligence professionals write reports for other law enforcement agencies and may live in a specific geographical area. These specialists may specialize in a specific language or culture and combine database analysis with other means to gather specific relevant intelligence.
  • Linguistics: These professionals sit in on interrogations, go undercover with special agents, or translate from a variety of electronic devices. With hundreds of languages spoken in the United States these professionals are a vital intelligence link.
  • FBI Police: The FBI’s uniformed police service provides security for FBI facilities and events. The main goal of this force is to deter a terrorist attack with a visible presence.
  • Investigative Support and Surveillance: These experts obtain audio, video, and photographic evidence clandestinely from suspects with the goal of gathering strong court-admissable evidence.

Prospective special agents have their own requirements to meet, after which comes a battery of tests and a 21-week intensive training course at the FBI Academy. These basic requirements include:

  • Being between the ages of 23-36 (with exceptions for those with military careers)
  • U.S. citizen
  • Four-year college degree from an accredited institution
  • Two years of professional work experience
  • No felony convictions
  • Possess a valid driver’s license

The Kansas City field office address is:

1300 Summit Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

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