FBI Careers and Training in Missouri

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is the largest domestic federal law enforcement agency in the United States. It is comprised of specialized professionals and Special Agents whose principal concern after the September 11th terrorist attacks has been preventing a similar event. Additionally, agents work against public corruption, white-collar crime, and cyber attacks. The FBI protects civil rights and the Constitution, while keeping America safe from foreign intelligence operations and espionage. There are currently over 36,000 men and women serving in the FBI working to make the United States a better and safer place.

FBI jobs in Missouri are centered around two regional headquarters in the state: one in Saint Louis and one in Kansas City. In addition there are seven satellite offices dispersed throughout the rest of the state. The Kansas City Division also includes jurisdiction over the state of Kansas.

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Missouri FBI Involved in High-Profile Cases

The Saint Louis Division was recently in the news for its indictment of a Missouri woman who pretended to be a boy on MySpace. She feigned interest in the teenage girl and then verbally abused her over a period of time, resulting in the victim committing suicide.

Recently the Kansas City Division successfully brought charges against three individuals who were involved in the human trafficking of Chinese women to Missouri. The trafficked women were promised normal jobs but upon arrival forced to work as prostitutes for 14 hours a day.

How to Become an FBI Agent in Missouri

FBI Agent careers available in Missouri range from specialized professionals such as paralegals, electronics technicians, financial analysts, and language specialists to Special Agents in SWAT Teams, Evidence Recovery Teams, or Bomb Recovery and Analysis. Qualified professionals in their fields are selected based on their eligibility as well as their skills and ability to pass a series of rigorous tests. All agents must pass an FBI background check. Special Agents must pass a physical requirement, in addition to meeting the following minimum requirements:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Between the ages of 23 and 36 (older with some military career exceptions)
  • Possess a valid four-year degree from an accredited institution
  • At least two years professional work experience
  • Possess a driver’s license
  • If male, be registered with the Selective Service
  • Pass a drug test
  • Have no felony convictions or federally-backed student loan defaults

Kansas City Division of the FBI

As the regional headquarters, the Kansas City building houses a variety of important federal units. The Kansas City Joint Terrorism Task Force, made up of 33 state, local, and federal agents, is headquartered here. There is also a branch of the Cyber Crimes Task Force, a squadron dedicated to cyber attacks and crimes. Two white-collar crime squads are based in the headquarters, one of which targets corruption of state, local, and federal officials as well as the violation of election laws and fraud directed against the government. The other targets financial fraud, including health care fraud, corporate fraud, investor fraud, and mortgage fraud.

Saint Louis Division of the FBI

The Saint Louis Division Regional Headquarters includes a range of units with special training. These include:

  • Evidence Response Teams: Collect evidence from crime scenes
  • Computer Analysis and Response Team: Collect virtual evidence from a variety of sources
  • Specialized Weapons and Tactics Team: Breaches secured areas or facilities
  • Hostage Rescue Team: Experts in dealing with hostage situations
  • Special Agent Bomb Technician: Collects evidence from, and renders safe, explosive devices
  • HAZMAT Expert: Trained in operating in chemical, biological, or nuclear situations

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