FBI Careers and Training in Springfield, Illinois

FBI jobs in Springfield, Illinois are available for dedicated and hard working individuals who would like to contribute to keeping America safe and prosperous. FBI careers in Illinois are centered in the Springfield Field Office, which hosts a number of Special Agent units.

There are an additional six satellite offices, also known as resident agencies, spread throughout the rest of Springfield’s area of jurisdiction. These are located in the cities of:

  • Champaign
  • Decatur
  • Fairview Heights
  • Marion
  • Peoria
  • Moline (a shared facilities with the Omaha Division)
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FBI Agents in Springfield: Partnerships for a Stronger Force

Springfield Division Agents partner with other local and state law enforcement organizations to create the most efficient force possible. First and foremost is the Springfield Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), which brings representatives from all levels of law enforcement together to investigate terrorism leads and cases, as well as identify local vulnerabilities that, if exploited, may have an impact on the nation. Founded in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Springfield JTTF has 30 partner agencies.

FBI agents and specialized professionals in the Springfield Division are partners in the Statewide Terrorism Information Center (STIC), which supports intelligence and other law enforcement partners in 84 counties statewide. The Springfield Field Intelligence Group (FIG) is a team of analysts and FBI agents who focus specifically on terrorism and criminal threats, making reports and briefings to share with partner law enforcement agencies.

Careers and Training in the Springfield Division

Careers at the Springfield Field Office are mostly divided into two categories, the first being special agents with specialized training who participate in explosives response calls, field recovery of evidence, computer forensics, SWAT Team operations including hostage rescue, and bomb recovery and analysis, among other activities. The second group is comprised of career professionals specializing in areas such as linguistics, intelligence analysis, security services, information technology, and surveillance.

In addition to the prevention and investigation of terrorist attacks, FBI employees in the Springfield Division handle white-collar crime, child pornography on the internet, corruption in public officials, and violations of federal laws by corporations and other perpetrators. Just recently Springfield agents successfully aided in the conviction of the former Madison County Treasurer for structuring property tax sales to reward his campaign contributors.

How to Become an FBI Agent in Springfield

Career FBI requirements in Springfield for prospective special agents include the following requirements:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Between the ages of 23-36
  • Four-year college degree from an accredited academic institution
  • Two years previous professional work experience
  • Possess a driver’s license
  • Be willing to work anywhere in the FBI’s area of jurisdiction

Careers as specialized professionals have different requirements depending on the area of expertise, and generally include some years of previous work experience and an education degree of expertise in the related field. However all FBI employees must be approved to receive an FBI security clearance, pass an FBI medical physical exam, and an FBI background investigation.

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