FBI Careers and Training in Illinois

FBI careers and training in Illinois are split among two Divisions: the Chicago Division and the Springfield Division. The Chicago Division of the FBI encompasses Northern Illinois and its 18 counties, while the Springfield Division of the FBI serves Central and Southern Illinois.

FBI Agents in Illinois have long been known for their work in counterterrorism. The FBI Chicago Division was responsible for bringing to justice a number of terror-related cases, including David Coleman Headley, who pled guilty for his role in the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India. Another high-profile case handled by the Chicago Division included Operation Family Secrets, the indictment of 14 suspected members of an organized crime group suspected in 18 unsolved mob murders.

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The FBI Springfield Division has also played a major role in national security issues, including the investigation of Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, who pled guilty in 2009 to supplying al Qaeda with materials.

The FBI Chicago Division is located on West Roosevelt Road, and the FBI Springfield Division is located in East Linton Avenue.

The satellite offices of the Chicago Division include:

  • North Resident Agency (Rolling Meadows, IL)
  • Rockford Resident Agency (Rockford, IL)
  • South Resident Agency (Orlando Park, IL)
  • West Resident Agency (Lisle, IL)

The satellite offices of the Springfield Division include:

  • Champaign
  • Decatur
  • Fairview Heights
  • Marion
  • Peoria
  • Quad Cities (shared with the Omaha Division)

FBI jobs in Illinois are quite varied, given the sheer size of the state and the activities overseen by the FBI.

Both the Chicago and the Springfield Divisions feature the following FBI jobs:

  • Intelligence and Financial Analysts
  • Support Services Technicians
  • Language Specialists
  • Investigative Specialists
  • Security Experts
  • Paralegals
  • Electronics Technicians

Individuals who want to learn how to become an FBI Agent in Illinois should first explore the many specialty teams found within this Midwestern state:

  • Evidence Recovery and Processing – There are four, ten-member Evidence Response Teams in Chicago. These FBI Special Agents secure crime scenes and gather and process evidence of the crime scenes.
  • Tactical Support and Crisis Response – FBI jobs in Illinois include members of the SWAT team, highly skilled experts tasked with emergency situations, hostage situations, and aviation and maritime issues. Both the Chicago and Springfield Divisions have their own SWAT teams.
  • Translation – Language Specialist FBI jobs in Illinois include translating written documents for terrorism, espionage, and criminal cases.
  • Computer Forensics – Illinois’ Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART) are forensic examiners who retrieve digital evidence and provide services to the Chicago Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory.
  • Bomb Recovery and Analysis – Four FBI Special Agent bomb technicians work through the Chicago and Springfield Divisions in Bomb Recovery and Analysis. Bomb technician careers in Illinois include working in bombing investigations and working alongside the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
  • Hazardous Materials – The FBI Chicago Division includes a 16-member HAZMAT team that responds to terrorist and criminal incidents involving chemical, biological, and radiological materials.

It can be expected that FBI careers in Illinois involve working alongside a number of local, state, federal, and international groups, creating and nurturing strategic partnerships.

Partnerships in the Chicago FBI Division include:

  • Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • Chicago Field Intelligence Group
  • FBI Counterintelligence Strategic Partnerships Program
  • Innocent Images Task Force (cybercrime)
  • Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (cybercrime)
  • Chicago InfraGard Chapter (cybercrime)
  • Violent Crimes Task Force
  • Joint Task Force on Gangs

Partnerships in the Springfield FBI Division include:

  • Springfield Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • Springfield Field Intelligence Group
  • FBI Counterintelligence Domain Program
  • Springfield InfraGard Chapter

How to Become an FBI Agent in Illinois: FBI Requirements in Illinois

FBI Requirements in Illinois are rigid and straightforward, and all candidates for employment with the FBI must meet the following requirements if they are to achieve employment in this highly respected governmental organization:

  • All candidates must be U.S. citizens.
  • All candidates must be between the ages of 23 and 36 (Veteran eligibility may vary).
  • All candidates must possess a four-year degree from an accredited college or university.
  • All candidates must have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • All candidates must pass the FBI background check.
  • All candidates must meet Special Agent physical requirements.
  • All candidates must be willing to work in any FBI jurisdiction.

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