FBI Careers and Training in Tampa, Florida

The FBI Division Field Office in Tampa, Florida was established in 1960. Persons who have FBI jobs in Tampa work in counterintelligence, terrorism investigations, federal law enforcement and crime assistance in 18 counties throughout the central and southwestern part of the state.

How to Become an FBI Special Agent in Tampa, FL: Training and Degree Requirements

Floridians who reside in the Tampa area and wish to become an FBI special agent must apply online at www.fbijobs.gov for consideration after meeting basic requirements. An application should only be submitted if one possesses a true desire to serve the United States loyally.

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FBI job requirements in Tampa are met by answering yes to the following questions:

  • Am I a U.S. citizen?
  • Do I have a bachelor’s degree?
  • Do I have two years of experience?
  • Is my education/experience in a critical area?

FBI Field Offices and Jobs in Tampa, FL

  • Tampa Division Headquarters. Located on West Gray Street, special agents in the FBI field office in Tampa, FL are responsible for three Florida counties. In December 2012, the FBI led an investigation that resulted in a federal grand jury indicting a Tampa pharmacist for knowingly filling over 300 fraudulent painkiller prescriptions.
  • Sarasota. This Second Street office has agents who cover four counties in Florida. In January 2013, Sarasota agents led an investigation, which ultimately led to the sentencing of a man to five years in federal prison for bank fraud.
  • Pinellas. Located on Park Place Boulevard North, FBI special agents in Pinellas handle cases occurring withinPinellas County.  In 2011, a Pinellas man plead guilty after an FBI investigation found that he possessed digital images of child pornography.
  • Orlando. The Orlando office is on Trafalgar and coverscases occurring in threeFlorida counties. In November 2012, an Orlando man was convicted for the sexual trafficking of minors after an investigation out of the Orlando FBI satellite office.
  • Naples. Located on the Tamiami Trail, the Naples office houses FBI special agents who are responsible for crimes occurring in Collier County, Florida. In September 2011, an FBI investigation found that a Naples man had recruited persons to invest in a $930 million Ponzi scheme.
  • Lakeland. This satellite office on Kentucky Avenue is responsible for cases inPolk County, Florida. Two owners of a fraudulent physical therapy company in Lakeland were sentenced to prison for a scheme to defraud Medicare in 2011.
  • Fort Myers. FBI special agents in this Gateway Boulevard office handle cases in four Florida counties. Fort Myers agents in 2012 investigated a man who was ultimately sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for the transportation and possession of child pornography.
  • Brevard. Located on Wickham Road, agents in the Brevard office handlecases occurring in Brevard County, Florida. In 2010, a Brevard man plead guilty to producing child pornography.

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