FBI Careers and Training in Jacksonville, Florida

Since 1924, the Jacksonville Field Office of the FBI has served North Florida and the Florida Panhandle, providing counterintelligence and counterterrorism services; helping local, state and municipal law enforcement agencies when needed; and enforcing federal laws. FBI jobs in Jacksonville involve a myriad of cases, including cyber crimes, health care fraud, public corruption, and terrorism.

How to Become an FBI Special Agent in Jacksonville, FL: Training and Degree Requirements

Requirements to become an FBI Special Agent in Jacksonville, FL are stringent, as they are for candidates wishing to become FBI Special Agents in any field office. Even if candidates meet the basic requirements of education and experience, they must be prepared for a lengthy hiring process of six months to one year.

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If selected for Phase I testing, candidates must take a three-hour computerized test at a local testing center. After an interview with FBI Special Agents and review of the candidates’s application by FBI Headquarters, only the most competitive candidates are invited for Phase II testing. This consists of an hour and a half- long written exam and an hour-long oral exam. These candidates must also pass rigorous physical fitness tests, a thorough medical examination and a polygraph test before becoming an FBI Special Agent in Jacksonville.

FBI Field Offices and Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville: FBI agents in Jacksonville are responsible for covering 10 Florida counties. Recent noteworthy cases from the Jacksonville field office include the arrest and indictment of a Jacksonville man for wire fraud, conspiracy, attempted murder-for-hire, and attempting to murder a government witness.

Resident Agencies:

  • Tallahassee: Tallahassee office FBI agents must cover eight counties in Florida. Notable cases from the Tallahassee satellite office include the indictment in 2011 of four former insurance executives for insurance fraud after Hurricane Jeanne.
  • Pensacola: Two Florida counties are the jurisdiction of FBI agents in the Pensacola satellite office. Pensacola’s famous cases include the indictment of a man for arson of a reproductive planning clinic on New Year’s Day in 2012.
  • Daytona Beach: Daytona Beach FBI agents are responsible for three Florida counties. One noteworthy case from Daytona Beach involved a chiropractor who pleaded guilty to health care fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to illegally distribute prescription drugs in 2012
  • Panama City: Six counties in Florida are the responsibility of FBI agents stationed in the Panama City office. In 2012, eleven men, including some from Panama City, were arrested in an investigation of a drug organization shipping marijuana over the U.S.-Mexican border.
  • Ocala: Agents in the Ocala office cover four counties in Florida. A federal case in 2009 in Ocala involved the arrest of four persons for a series of armed robberies in Florida and Ohio.
  • Gainesville: Five Florida counties are the jurisdiction of Gainesville FBI agents. In 2012, a Gainesville man plead guilty to embezzling $1 million from his employer based in Belgium, via wire fraud.
  • Fort Walton Beach: FBI agents in Fort Walton Beach must cover two Florida counties. A notable case in 2007 involved a doctor charged with 124 counts of illegally prescribing prescription drugs.

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