Bomb Data Center Careers

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is charged by Congress to compile statistics pertaining to crimes, their classifications and their final dispositions.  In order to perform this duty with regards to crimes and terrorist incidents involving explosive or incendiary devices, the Bureau created the Bomb Data Center to collect, analyze and distribute such data. Originally founded in 1996 as the National Repository of Information, the Bomb Data Center has grown into a national clearinghouse for all incidents involving arsons, bombs, and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

In order to fulfill its chartered responsibilities and assist law enforcement agencies at all levels of government ensure national security and public safety, Bomb Data Center jobs involve being tasked with the following responsibilities:

  1. Compile information related to bombings, arson, and WMDs from the FBI, ATF and police organizations throughout the country.
  2. Store all collected information within a database that is accessible to authorized federal, state and local law enforcement personnel.
  3. Properly analyze all information to produce actionable insights into patterns developing in criminal behavior that is related to explosive devices.
  4. Facilitate the cooperation and communication among law enforcement agencies in order to enhance the timely and successful outcomes of investigative and disruptive operations.
  5. Prepare reports analyzing the methods used by bomb makers.
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In recent years, as the FBI has shifted its focus from criminal investigations to counterterrorism, the Bomb Data Center has also broadened its scope. In order to provide the latest intelligence on terrorist operations, the Bomb Data Center now regularly exchanges information with similar agencies located in other nations.  The BDC has also taken on the responsibility of researching and developing new equipment and methodologies required to more effectively respond to the threat or presence of explosive devices.

Bomb Data Center Job Description

Specialists, experts and researchers working Bomb Data Center jobs are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Share the latest technical advice to Special Agent Bomb Technicians and bomb disposal units throughout the country
  • Compile national statistics related to explosive devices
  • Maintain the Law Enforcement Online project which stores data
  • Liaise with police organizations at all levels of government to obtain information about investigations into arsons, bombings, or terrorist attacks
  • Coordinate resources throughout government in order to more quickly resolve investigations and bomb incidents
  • Acquire or develop the latest information, technology or products needed to more effectively respond to bomb or WMD events
  • Publish and distribute general information to government officials and the general public

Bomb Data Center Salary

The professional staff that operate the Bomb Data Center are primarily technical rather field personnel, but these specialists fall into the FBI’s salary structure which provides a minimum of a GS-10 pay rating. Due to the specialized expertise in information technology, law enforcement and explosives required, these professionals may attain a GS-14 or GS-15 pay grade.  The base salaries associated with these pay levels were described in 2012 as:

General Schedule Grade
Pay Range
General Schedule 10
General Schedule 14
General Schedule 15

These salaries are often adjusted for cost of living which can add an additional bonus of 12.5 up to 28.7 percent.