Top Five Things the FBI Tweeted this Year

Twitter is largely a ubiquitous entity on social media. The Pope and the President both have accounts on the microblogging platform, and most major police forces around the country do as well. Even large federal agencies have twitter accounts.

Here’s a list of the top ten best tweets from the FBI’s official twitter account.

  1. “We are building our lives around networks. Are we ready to defend them?”

The FBI has been leading the charge on anti-cyber-crime work since the internet was first monetized, and their website details how they investigate and work to prevent cyber-based terrorism, computer intrusions, online fraud, and other internet-based illegal activity.

  1. “Hate-fueled crimes are not just a thing of the past.”

At a time when the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the resulting counter-movements are increasing tension and putting pressure on agencies around the country to pick a side, the FBI is clear on its stance. At both the interpersonal and the systemic level, the FBI investigates abuses of power and cases of discrimination. Ranging widely from person-to-person hate crimes to “color of law” abuses of authority to exploit people of color, the FBI has its hand in many of the reforms taking place around the country.

  1. “It’s not just about the mafia anymore.”

When the words “organized crime” arise in conversation, the images of zoot suits and Tommy guns appear more often than secret chat-room forums on the Internet. While the FBI existed in the days before cell phones and compact weaponry, the agency has grown and adapted with the times to work against the changing face of organized crime. What was once an obvious power structure with real world documents and negotiations there are now completely digital organizations working for illegally earned profits and power. The FBI is combatting this threat at the digital, as well as the physical, level.

  1. “Meet Dolce, the FBI’s first therapy dog.”

The last place one might expect to see an adorable video of a dog wearing clothes is the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Twitter account, but it is there nonetheless. Dolce, originally trained as a service dog, was cross trained as a certified therapy dog for victims in the FBI’s cases. When the FBI rescues victims of sex trafficking or child pornography, Dolce can communicate safety to the young victims in a way human language can’t convey.

  1. “Major hacking forum dismantled in global cyber enforcement action.”

Like a scene from a crime show, agents from multiple agencies prepare a coordinated assault of a criminal complex. A diverse cast of international experts and servicemen and women burst into a dark building and reemerge with arrested suspects, making the world a little safer.

This happened in a digital sense around the world when the FBI staged a major takedown of the online criminal forum Darkode. The secret chat room dealt in malware, bots and virus-implementing software, as well as personal identification information stolen from victims of scamming. The FBI, alongside agencies in 19 countries around the world, brought an end to Darkode’s activities.

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