FBI’s New York City Office Now Led by Former Spanish Teacher

Diego Rodriguez was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 25 years ago. At the time, he was teaching at a middle school in Queens, newly married and just a few credits away from his master’s in education. Initially, Rodriguez turned down the offer but reconsidered at the urging of a family friend, finally taking the test.

In January, Rodriguez was named the New York City field office’s assistant director, which made him the highest official at the largest branch of the Bureau in the entire U.S. There are approximately 2,500 total employees in this branch, covering New York’s five boroughs, as well as the eight adjacent counties.

In the previous month alone, the NYC office has orchestrated arrests of a doctor in Long Island for charges of drug distribution and sentenced a district leader in Queens who attempted to disregard an FBI investigation. The office is also credited with the arrest of three men in Brooklyn who stood accused of aiding the Islamic State in Syria.

With all these accomplishments, Rodriguez still believes his highest calling is teaching.

Mr. Rodriguez’s to-do list for the near future, in his newly acquired position with the FBI, includes drug busts, investigations into security fraud and public corruption probes.

Prior to this position between the years of 2010 and 2012, Rodriguez was the head of the criminal division in New York and played an active role in the arrest of over 100 suspected members of a notorious crime-family network. He spent the previous two years as head of the Dallas field office working with the local police departments investigating the murder of a district attorney and his wife.

The FBI is known for promoting from within, as they did with Mr. Rodriguez. This offers opportunities to learn and grow in the position, acquiring more knowledge, which will lead to additional responsibility.

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