FBI is Recruiting Tech Specialists

The FBI is searching for technical talent. They want new recruits to help them guard the United States against cyber-attacks and technology based crimes. It is a nationwide hunt for candidates but they have heavily publicized this posting in the Bay Area of California because there is a wide range of talent in the area.

FBI agents generally come from all types of backgrounds but due to the nature of this specific role they are looking for people highly skilled and knowledgeable in the world of cybersecurity. The current list of FBI recruitment positions includes; special agents, computer scientist and IT forensic examiners. There are also a Cyber Internship program for interested and qualified students.

The FBI has stated that they are looking for people with educational and work history in the technology related field. They want people that are technically inclined and have a superior knack for math, engineering and science. Other relevant roles may include; computer security, network technology and computer science positions.

If you are interested in this type of position you will have to pass an FBI background check so it is not a position for all those illegal hackers out there. Candidates in these positions will be held to the same high standard that is required of all FBI agents.

News of cybersecurity has been a major issue recently. Especially in regards to the Sony Film “The Interview.” Reports of North Korea hackers compromising a large company like Sony through up a warning flag for many corporations.

Even more recently, social media accounts for the US military Central Command (CENTCOM) were hacked while President Obama was giving a speech about improving our cybersecurity.

While cybersecurity has certainly been a hot topic issue recently, the FBI has been working for a number of years towards bulletproof cybersecurity. These recent attacks haven’t started the search for new talent, they have only confirmed how important more security is.

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