FBI Focuses Hunt for Domestic Terrorist in Hawaii

Honolulu FBI special agents are focusing their efforts on Daniel Andreas San Diego, an FBI Most Wanted terrorist who is believed to be hiding out in Hawaii.

San Diego, a self-professed “animal liberationist,” is suspected of being the mastermind behind a domestic terror cell that bombed a biotech corporation in California in 2003 and then later detonated a nail bomb at a nutritional products corporation.

Domestic Terrorist Suspect Focused on Animal Research Laboratories

Recognized by the FBI as armed and dangerous, San Diego is considered a “genuine concern” for citizens, said Honolulu FBI Special Agent Tom Simon. San Diego became the first domestic terrorist suspect to make the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list in 2009. Since that time, the FBI has received tips that he traveled from California to Massachusetts to even the countries of Germany, France, Italy, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Spain.

Although the bombs San Diego set off did not injure or kill anyone, the FBI notes that this was merely by luck and that his homemade explosives were sophisticated. A third bomb, set off in Pleasantville, was powered by ammonium nitrate and wrapped in nails.

The Animal Liberation Brigade mailed letters following both incidents, claiming credit. The California sites were likely chosen because the targeted companies were long accused by animal activists of abusing animals through research.

Even though San Diego was under 24-hour surveillance following the bombings, he managed to escape.

The FBI has provided a number of details about San Diego to the public. He is vegan and avoids wearing or consuming anything made with animals. He has a background in computers, and could be working in this area to generate income. The FBI also says he has a love of sailing and has distinctive tattoos of burning and collapsing buildings on his sides and back.

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