FBI Careers and Training in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is one of the least populated states in the country, which offers plenty of interesting opportunities for people interested in working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.) The tasks required of agents in South Dakota are varied and unique to the region. Since the population is so small, the number of FBI agent jobs in South Dakota is also fairly small when compared to other states around the country. That fact means that agents are more diversified in their experience and skills, and are typically required to assume several professional roles, rather than just specializing in one specific area of expertise.

Field Offices in South Dakota

The entire state of South Dakota is under the jurisdiction of the FBI regional headquarters office in the state of Minnesota, which is located in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis FBI field office is also responsible for monitoring FBI activity in North Dakota. There are four satellite offices, also known as resident agencies, located in the state of South Dakota.

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Sioux Falls – The city of Sioux Falls is the largest metropolitan area in the state. Located on the Eastern side of the state, the satellite office is responsible for overseeing operations in 28 separate towns and rural county areas.

Pierre – This satellite office is located in the center of the state and oversees operations for 7 towns, which are mostly rural.

Aberdeen – The Aberdeen satellite office is responsible for monitoring activity on the northern border of the state.

Rapid City – This jurisdiction is the second-largest one in the state and is located on the Western border of the state.

FBI Careers and Job Requirements in South Dakota

There are two main career paths an applicant can pursue with the FBI. One career path is  as a special agent and the other career path is as a professional staffer with the agency.

Special Agents in South Dakota – Special agents are required to go through a thorough and rigorous training and application regimen prior to employment with the agency. Special agents are the backbone of the agency and are the experts that work in the field on high-profile crimes and other investigations requiring aid from the agency. The following is a list of some of the requirements needed in order to be a special agent with the FBI:

  • Must be a United States citizen, between the ages of 23 and 36
  • Must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university
  • Must successfully pass a written exam, an interview, a background check, a drug test, a polygraph exam and a physical fitness test before being hired
  • Must be willing to relocate to any area under the jurisdiction of the FBI

Professional Staff Positions in South Dakota – These positions are for people not interested in special agent duties and investigation. The professional staff duties include supporting special agents through administrative, clerical and maintenance services. These positions only require a high school diploma, previous work experience and completion of a background check. Job titles include budget analyst, language specialist, intelligence analyst, computer programmer and computer engineer, among many other positions.

Internship Opportunities

The FBI offers internship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. The internships take place in Washington, D.C. and aim to teach students the skills needed to be an agent or professional staff member in the agency. Qualifications include an interest in the FBI, outstanding grades and an exceptional essay stating the goals the student has for the internship. A complete list of the qualifications needed for an internship can be found online at www.fbijobs.gov/231.asp. Many students who take part in the program go on to join the FBI.

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