FBI Careers and Training in Pennsylvania

Agents working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) enforce federal laws and conduct domestic and international intelligence operations. They also work closely with local and state law enforcement agencies.  FBI jobs in Pennsylvania involve working with the Pennsylvania State Police as well as with law enforcement at the county and municipal level, assisting them with cases as necessary.

Pennsylvania is home to two FBI Field Offices, in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. There are also Resident Agencies dispersed throughout the state. A quick check of the Pittsburgh FBI’s Most Wanted List finds that FBI agents working there are currently looking for missing persons, murderers, bank robbers, violent criminals, and persons wanted for crimes against children. Likewise, agents in the Philadelphia FBI Field Office are searching for domestic terrorists, missing persons, white collar criminals, persons wanted for crimes against children, violent criminals and persons in connection with criminal enterprise investigations.

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How to Become an FBI Special Agent in Pennsylvania: Training and Degree Requirements

Pennsylvania is always in need of dedicated, loyal persons who aspire to become FBI Special Agents.  The application process is lengthy and can take from six months to one year to complete. Before one can become an FBI Special Agent in Pennsylvania, he or she must meet basic requirements as listed below:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be no younger than 23 and no older than 36 years
  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Have at least two years of professional work experience
  • Be willing to be placed anywhere the FBI needs agents

While anyone who meets those requirements can apply to become an FBI agent in Pennsylvania, certain educational and experiential backgrounds are needed more than others are. They include: computer science, mathematics, information technology, accounting, military, pilot, intelligence, science, detectives, attorneys, and those who speak, read and write fluently in one (or more) of over 100 languages. Applications may be filed online or at a local Pennsylvania field office or resident agency. If accepted, applicants are invited to complete Phase I of testing (consisting of cognitive, logical reasoning and behavioral analysis) to begin the Special Agent Selection System (SASS).

FBI Field Offices and Jobs in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s field office is responsible for 41 counties in the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania and three counties in New Jersey. There are also eight Resident Agencies/satellite offices under Philadelphia’s jurisdiction, in Williamsport, Allentown, Scranton, Fort Washington, State College, Harrisburg, Newtown Square, and South Jersey.

FBI jobs in the Philadelphia office/satellite agencies in Pennsylvania include Special Agents, Special Agents in Charge (SAC), terrorism experts, intelligence analysts, computer intrusion task force, computer forensics laboratory, violent gang/drug task force, organized crime task force, and an art crime team.

Recent FBI cases from the Philadelphia office focused on bank robbery, online enticement of an minor, steroid distribution, tax evasion, health care fraud, Social Security fraud, child pornography, cyber stalking, and interstate extortion.

Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh’s field office covers 25 Pennsylvania counties and the whole state of West Virginia. Resident agencies under the jurisdiction of the Pittsburgh field office are found in North Pittsburgh, Mon Valley, Erie, and Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania, as well as in the following West Virginia cities: Wheeling, Parkersburg, Martinsburg, Huntington, Clarksburg, Charleston, and Beckley.

FBI jobs in the Pittsburgh office/satellite agencies in Pennsylvania consist of Special Agents, Special Agents in Charge (SAC), agents trained in cyber crimes, agents trained to investigate financial crimes, agents who investigate mortgage fraud, agents working to fight drug and gang violence, and agents fighting organized crime.

Recent FBI cases from the Pittsburgh office include child pornography, fraudulent loans, identity theft, drug distribution, distribution of bomb parts, and armed robbery.

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