FBI Careers and Training in Nebraska

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is the primary domestic law enforcement agency in the United States. With approximately 436 offices throughout the country and more than 60 offices worldwide the FBI provides a blanket of coverage and protection. Since the September 11th terrorist attacks the primary goal of the agency has been to prevent a repeat occurrence. This is accomplished through intelligence gathering from a variety of sources and assets, and thorough professional analysis. FBI jobs in Nebraska are available to agents looking to follow the Bureau’s motto: Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.

The Omaha Division and satellite offices’ principal concern is the prevention of a terrorist attack. Additionally there is a squad of agents in Omaha responsible for the detection of hackers, foreign agents, and other counterintelligence operations to ensure their region of responsibility and the United States at large is as free as possible from outside forces attempting to breech national security. Additionally the FBI is tasked with investigating and bringing charges against white-collar criminals and public officials. Often times these cases involve bribery, fraud, and corruption.

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FBI Special Agent Careers in Nebraska

FBI jobs in Nebraska are centered on the Omaha Regional Headquarters, which is responsible for all Bureau activity in the states of Nebraska and Iowa, with an additional three satellite offices located in the cities of Grand Island, Lincoln, and North Platte. Specialized professionals in fields such as accounting, law, information technology, and engineering are in demand here, as well as Special Agents, who are ready to deploy in a variety of specialized units, including:

Specialized Weapons and Tactics Team: The Omaha Division has a 12-agent SWAT team with specialized training in weapons, including shotguns, assault, and sniper rifles, as well as techniques on breaching secured facilities. This includes a Hostage Rescue Team with special training for hostage search and rescue.

Computer Analysis and Response Team: Also know as CART, these agents are experts in electronic forensics. One of their primary tasks is to gather evidence from a variety of electronic devices that will be presentable in court.

Evidence Response Teams: The Omaha Division has two ERTs comprising of eight agents who specialize in gathering evidence from crime scenes. Methods include photography, blood splatter analysis, bullet trajectory projections, DNA collection, fingerprint lifting, and evidence sweeps. The ERTs work in close association with the FBI Laboratory.

Hazardous Materials: The Omaha Division currently has one HAZMAT expert capable of responding to a nuclear, biological, radiological, or chemical threat. This agent also works closely with local and state law enforcement, as well as Weapons of Mass Destruction experts at the FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Translator: This group of agents specializes in translating audio recordings and written documents from a variety of strategic languages. Language Specialists may also work undercover with other field agents or sit in during live interrogations or interviews.

Bomb Recovery and Analysis: There are currently two agents in this division specializing in explosive device analysis and disarmament. These agents work closely with Joint Terrorism Task Forces and gather evidence from exploded and diffused devices.

How to Become an FBI Agent in Nebraska

Specialized professionals and Special Agents work together to collect and analyze evidence while investigating criminal activity. A successful job application with the FBI includes meeting the following FBI requirements in Nebraska:

  • Being between the ages of 23-36 with some exceptions for those with military careers
  • U.S. citizen
  • No felony convictions
  • Pass an FBI background check
  • Able to pass a physical medical exam
  • Must not have defaulted on federally-backed student loans
  • Possess a four-year degree from an accredited education institution
  • Two years professional work experience
  • Possess a valid driver’s license

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