FBI Careers and Training in Michigan

The FBI is the leading federal law enforcement agency in the United States. There are over 36,000 employees working in every major law enforcement and investigative capacity, from protecting the country against the next terrorist attack to investigating white-collar crime. There are 56 field offices spread throughout the nation and an additional 380 smaller regional offices.

On top of this FBI offices located in foreign embassies number more than 60. In fiscal year 2012 the budget was increased by an additional $119.2 million to enhance counterterrorism, cyber warfare, and other programs. The core values of the FBI include compassion, personal integrity, and unflinching obedience to the Constitution.

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FBI Careers Found in Michigan

FBI jobs in Michigan are focused on the regional headquarters located in Detroit, with 11 other satellite offices covering 83 counties in the state. FBI jobs in Michigan include Special Agents in the field, in addition to specialized professionals such as intelligence analysts, security professionals, paralegals, electronics experts, and many more. The Detroit Division includes the following specialized departments:

Evidence Response Teams: 24 Special Agents make up three teams who are sent to crime scenes to gather physical evidence. ERTs take photos, survey and diagram areas, take fingerprints, analyze blood spatters and stains, recover DNA, and calculate bullet trajectories.

Computer Analysis and Response Team: CART Special Agents basically do computer forensics. The challenge for a CART Agent is to retrieve data from a variety of sources while preserving its integrity properly so it can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Specialized Weapons and Tactics Team: Better known as a SWAT Team, these agents are heavily equipped and highly trained. They can breach locked doors and other structures, storm barricaded vehicles and buildings, rescue hostages, rappel down structures, and have special training in techniques to stop moving vehicles. SWAT teams are trained in the use a variety of weapons including shotguns plus assault and sniper rifles. The SWAT Team additionally includes a special Hostage Rescue Team.

Special Agent Bomb Technicians: There are four agents with careers as the Detroit Division’s SABT. These agents work in close conjunction with Michigan’s 17 other state and local bomb squads to analyze and render improvised explosive devices (IEDs) safe. They also assist in the investigations of stolen explosives and the destruction of dangerous items.

Hazardous Materials Response Team: 16 Special Agents make up the Detroit Division’s HAZMAT Team. Each agent is trained to respond to criminal incidents or terrorist attacks involving biological, radiological, or chemical weapons. They are also trained in the collection and preservation of evidence to be used in court proceedings.

Language Specialists: These Special Agents translate from a variety of languages to assist local, state, and federal agents for criminal, espionage, or terrorism cases. Additionally Language Specialists may accompany other agents during undercover operations or translate a live interview or interrogation. Language Specials work under a variety of conditions.

FBI Requirements for Employment in Michigan

Being familiar with some of the careers available, prospective agents should also consider how to go about becoming an FBI Agent in Michigan. A career with the FBI is both demanding and rewarding. Prospective agents should familiarize themselves with the job requirements and training they will need to complete a successful application. Job and training requirements include the following:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Between the ages of 23-36 (some exceptions for military careers)
  • Four-year degree from an accredited university or college
  • At least two years of professional work experience
  • Meet the Special Agent physical requirements
  • Pass an FBI background investigation

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