FBI Careers and Training in Washington, DC

Special agents working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have very challenging, yet rewarding jobs. These agents must work to prevent terrorist attacks, both from inside the United States and outside. They also uphold and help to enforce more than 300 federal laws to assist local/state crime agencies with cases as needed.

FBI jobs in Washington, DC are often considered the cream of the crop, as the Washington, DC Field Office (WFO) is near the FBI Headquarters, also located in Washington. The WFO, which is the second largest field office of the FBI, is located on 4th Street NW; while the FBI Headquarters is within the District at Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Agents at the WFO have dealt with many different and varied cases, on topics ranging from counterintelligence to fraud to bank robbery to cyber terrorism.

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How to Become an FBI Special Agent in Washington, DC: Training and Degree Requirements

Residents of the District of Columbia who wish to become an FBI Special Agent in Washington, DC must first make sure that they meet the basic qualifications. These include having a bachelor’s degree, three years of work experience, U.S. citizenship and District or state residency, and are between the ages of 23 and 36.5 years of age.

If the FBI accepts one’s application for FBI special agent, he or she will be contacted to take the Phase I test in the hiring process. After receiving the invitation to Phase I test, a candidate has 21 days to complete this phase of the process. Three areas are tested in Phase I testing:

  • Biodata inventory – measures a candidate’s abilities in initiative, critical thinking, and information evaluation
  • Logical reasoning – measures a candidate’s attention to detail and capability to make logical decisions from reasoning processes
  • Situational judgment – measures a candidate’s ability to prioritize, organize, relate to others, adapt to changing situations, and flexibility

The FBI website accepts applications for Special Agent positions online. For information about career opportunities in the Washington Field Office, call (202) 278-2000 and request a conversation with a special agent recruiter in the WFO’s Applicant Staffing Unit.

FBI Field Offices and Jobs in Washington, DC

Washington. The Washingtonian Magazine listed the Washington Field Office (WFO) as one of the “Great Places to Work” in the District 2007. In addition to special agents, FBI jobs in Washington, DC at the WFO may be available for linguists, forensic examiners, information technology specialists, electronics technicians, paralegals, security experts, investigative specialists, financial analysts, and intelligence analysts.

Northern Virginia Resident Agency (NVRA), Manassas, Virginia. The Resident Agency of the WFO is located in Manassas, Virginia, about 38 miles from the WFO and 36 miles from FBI Headquarters. This facility was constructed in 2007 and designed to house more personnel (500) and provide greater security in a more environmentally friendly building. It is larger than many of the FBI’s field offices nationwide.

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