FBI Careers and Training in Delaware

Delaware is under the control and jurisdiction of the FBI field office located in Baltimore, Maryland. Yet, because of the state’s location near the Eastern Seaboard, it still offers plenty of exciting cases for area FBI agents.

The Baltimore field office of the FBI has been is existence since the FBI was first created in 1911. At the time, Baltimore was one of the largest and most important cities in the country, and thus was one of the largest FBI offices in the country. The Baltimore office has always overseen FBI operations in Delaware, which has been deemed too small of a state to require its own FBI field office, but does have two smaller satellite offices, also known as residencies, in the state.

Satellite Offices in Delaware

Delaware is home to two separate satellite offices in the state. Each satellite office is located in the two most populous regions of the state.

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Dover: The Dover satellite office is the southernmost one in the state and is located right on the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to many major trading ports with cargo coming to and going from ports the world over.

Wilmington: The Wilmington satellite office is located slightly north of the Dover office and is nearest to the major metropolitan area of New York City.

FBI Careers in Delaware

Evidence Recovery and Processing: These agents are responsible for collecting, processing and storing evidence from various types of crime scenes. Responsibilities include the collection and analysis of physical evidence like blood, DNA and finger prints. Other duties include tracing the path of bullets fired on scene, analyzing blood splatter to map out how a violent crime occurred and to determine possible suspects and weapons used during the crime. FBI jobs in Delaware rely heavily on assisting local law enforcement.

Computer Forensics: These FBI jobs involve being tasked with recovering and translating evidence obtained from digital sources like personal computers, lap tops and smart phones. During his 2013 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama reinforced the importance of computer forensics when it comes to national security issues.

Tactical Support and Crisis Response: This team is mostly made up of Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) professionals. These FBI agents are responsible for breaching locks and barricades, handling hostage and negotiation situations, dealing with armed and dangerous suspects and supplement local law enforcement forces when needed, among many other tasks.

Victim Assistance: The FBI’s Victim Assistance program offers support and help to victims of physical, emotional, psychological and financial harm as a result of a federal felony offense, which is under the jurisdiction of the FBI in the state.

Translation: These special agents are responsible with translating all kinds of languages in the pursuit of foreign intelligence and national security. These agents also take part in interrogation and interview situations and a live translator between law enforcement officials and the people they are seeking to obtain information from.

Hazardous Materials: The HAZMAT team is responsible for handling dangerous and harmful materials, such as chemical, radiological and biological waste. The Hazardous Materials agents work with local law enforcement and the FBI’s national team of Weapons of Mass Destruction specialists.

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